How To Implement Google Recaptcha v3 in Angular

What is reCaptcha ?

Introducing reCAPTCHA v3

Implementation in Angular

Step-1: Register Google reCaptcha

register v3 key

Step-2: Load the JavaScript API with your sitekey.

<script src=""></script>

Ste — 3: Install angular-recaptcha3 via npm

Step-4: Import ReCaptchaModule

import { ReCaptchaModule } from 'angular-recaptcha3';

imports: [
language?: string;
invisible?: IRecaptchaOption;
normal?: IRecaptchaOption;

interface IRecaptchaOption {
sitekey: string;
theme?: string;
type?: string;
tabindex?: number;
badge?: string;
import { ReCaptchaModule } from 'angular-recaptcha3';

imports: [
invisible: {
sitekey: 'your key',
normal: {
sitekey: 'your key',
language: 'en'

Step-5: Insert the recaptcha in the template to initialize it


Step-6: Get the response token & perform action

import { ReCaptchaService } from 'angular-recaptcha3';constructor(private recaptchaService: ReCaptchaService) { }login() {
this.recaptchaService.execute({action: ‘login’}).then(token => {
// Backend verification method

Step-7: Now recaptcha is activated !

Step-8: Verify recaptcha token on backend side

  • If success true we can assume that the user is not a robot, and process whole request
  • If not, return error.





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Anjali Tanpure

JS | Angular | React | PWA

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