PWA — Add to home screen from different browsers

Add to home screen

  • What is user experience after installing PWA from different browsers ?
  • Which browser will it use after adding to home screen ?
  • What if the browser is uninstalled ?

What happens if the user has already installed the native app for the site?

What happens if the user adds the same app to home screen from multiple browsers?

  • User adds the app to home screen using any browser: It will add an app on user’s device which looks and behaves like a native app and when user uses that app, it will open in the browser from which it was added to home screen and not the default browser of your device
  • User has added the app using any browser and removes/uninstalls the app: It will just remove the app from the device

What happens if user uninstalls the browser ?




JS | Angular | React | PWA

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Anjali Tanpure

Anjali Tanpure

JS | Angular | React | PWA

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